The purpose of this electronic platform is to simulate a virtual economic environment and to manage all the information that a company or a person has to manage in its activities. Students and entrepreneurs who want to learn and test the activity of economic interactions, can use a protected and simulated economic environment through specially designed electronic platforms that can operate through the concept of gamification. In this way, an online platform for new launches can be used to better understand the economic interaction between entities and its key activities.
Such a tool offers the advantage of engaging in virtual data optimization and a broad spectrum of analysis on tasks and actions to be undertaken in parallel in a real social and economic entity through a simulated electronic platform environment that is assembled in a game. , simulated interactions of several economic competitors.
This platform, which simulates economic interactions, contains the following structure of sections and functionalities:
- The design of the database structure supports the flexibility of the data for generating complex reports
- General technical sections of the platform:
- Interactive design of the web interface is adaptive for different display units
- Management of users with different complex user roles
- Forms with flexible and versatile design
- Lists with multiple filtering possibilities
- Designing internal forms for storing certain entrepreneurial documents simulated for upload: Configuring the start-up; Recruitment and hiring of employees; Business plan; Quality assurance and marketing; Commercial activities; Research and development; Periodic evaluation of employees; Financial reporting and accounting
- Security modules for the prevention of IT attacks
- Import / Export data for data backup
- Multilingual capabilities of the platform
The elements of innovative impact and the potential impact of the transferability included in the platform are related to the active interoperability through the following elements:
- Connecting startup accounts to communicate and evaluate uploaded documents
- Filtering information based on user roles within a start-up or comparing documents uploaded by several start-ups
- Join users from different countries to work as a team to operate a start-up
The platform offers an interactive framework for all users involved in the simulated project regarding all the legal and linguistic peculiarities of all the procedures implemented. In this regard, you adopt a spiral development cycle specific to IT projects.

In terms of functionality, the platform includes the following modules:
- The general registration required to access the platform;
- Module for managing the roles by which registered users can receive different permissions on the platform, such as tutors, entrepreneurs in simulated enterprises, entrepreneurs and simulated employees of simulated enterprises.
- The module for simulated enterprises and start-ups will support the general description of the fields of activity and of the associative component, of the simulated enterprises or of the management system of the start-up;
- Administration of the specific activities undertaken by companies whose purpose is to simulate start-up and to provide access to the reference documents in the field, the models for the realization of the business plan and other documents, according to the specific legislation of each partner. The management module for recruiting and hiring consultants for simulated enterprises will support the specific activity by ensuring access to localized documents and reference templates for each partner regarding the evaluation of professional experience and employment;
- The module for employees and individual projects used to highlight the activities of each employee of a company or a simulated initiative by carrying out technical-economic documentation in the following fields: production and services, procurement, sales, human resources, financial reporting and accounting and research / development ;
- a financial reporting module that provides support and access to key reference documents on financial reporting methods and examples located in accordance with national partners.
The platform offers a centralized management of knowledge in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship, which contains reference documents used in specific activities related to simulated enterprises and start-ups, also offering access to localized resources, in accordance with the national character and the specific legislation for each user.